Mission Statement

To be the premier Christian radio station in the Virgin Islands spreading the word of God through programs and gospel entertainment.

Vision Statement

To foster a better understanding of Christain life now and for future generations.

Program Schedule

(Monday – Friday) 6:00 AM

Territorial Song

 (Monday – Friday) 6.03 AM

Sign On

(Monday – Friday) 6.04 AM


(Mondays to Fridays) 6.10 AM


(Mondays to Fridays) 10.00 AM

Health Moment

About Us

ZKing Radio 100.9 FM – The Voice of the Virgin Islands. The vision of the late, Judith Corea and her husband, Alric Corea to have a gospel radio station. Together they also instituted Corea’s Business Services Limited in Tortola, established in 1977. Christian Broadcasting Network Limited was established on September 3rd, 2001 – and by February 2003 – the dream became a reality. ZKing became the first Gospel radio station in the British Virgin Islands. The passion is alive today.

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ZKing’s Profile

Surely ZKing Radio is the People’s Gospel Station, established February 2003. It’s not only a household name but motorists, and business places are also tuned for it truly satisfies. No one is left behind. It caters to the young and the elderly broadcasting not only uplifting gospel programs but informative with segments of News & Sports, Health and finance programs plus a rich repertoire of gospel music of all genres.
Located at Horse Path overlooking Road Town, Tortola, ZKing covers almost everywhere in the Territory, and outside including St. Thomas and St. Johns on the assigned frequency – 100.9 FM with 5,000 watts of power. This guarantees that your messages will definitely reach your target groups. The station is blessed with experienced broadcasters. For special rates, and sponsorship opportunities – ZKing Radio is a must.
For guaranteed satisfaction, trusty service, and quality advertising – It’s the One to be reckoned with: ZKing Radio 100.9 FM – The Voice of the Virgin Islands.

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